Wordmax 2

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SNK Playmore, the developers have tried to keep the old-school look and style, the same combat mechanisms and added a huge list of characters to complement the classical recipe. Castrating and decapitating people is what you’ll do for fun here, so you’ll be able to let your frustrations go after a hard day at wordmax 2 work. His skull will attract colored floating bubbles named “souls” by the producers. Probably the funniest of these elemental attacks is the one that freezes the enemy and makes wordmax 2 him look like a snowman. As long as you’ll drive dangerously, the boost meter stays full and if it weren’t for its annoying sound I’d use it more often.

Wordmax 2

It makes you want to mash the circle button the entire game, watching some football match, or reading a magazine, as this would have the same effect as fighting for real during the combat sequences. The Versus mode wordmax 2 pits two teams against each other, one controlling the survivors and the other one four of the infected.
The game’s storyline is as simple as it gets: Gordon has proven to be an agent of chaos and the Combine is all about order.

Machinarium is also available on Steam for Linux, but the service is still in the beta stages, which means that only a handful of people will be able to install it. That’s right, the great prize is a gallery featuring pictures of cute animals photographed while looking funny. The years passed since then and I must admit that I skipped the following games: Nina has the possibility to break some jaws and backbones, Jet wordmax 2 Li style. Forget I said “mission” and let’s say that sniping zero AI terrorists is closer to a whack-a-mole game than an action game.

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