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CUMMINS V-504 Operation And Maintenance Manual

Clean the exterior of the drive with solvent. Install the fuel measuring device as follows: Flywheel Housing – Installation Engine Assembly Page If the alignment is not within specifications and the serviice is round, the housing can be shifted.

Use solvent to clean the cylinder head. Cleaning Clean the gasket material from the oil cooler core, trans- fer housing, support, diwnload plate and filter head. Cylinder Head – Rebuild Cylinder Head Page Measure the width of the valve seat area of the valve seat inserts.

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Be sure the dynamometer capacity is sufficient to permit testing at percent of the cummins n14 service manual pdf download rated horse- power. Blow cummins n14 service manual pdf download all capscrew holes, fuel passages, and oil passages. Lubricating Oil Pump – Rebuild Lubricating Oil System Page Install the spring 4the washer 3the valve disc 2and the retainer plug 1 into the bore of the locating plate. Round screw Foot large. Don’t have an account? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Remove the burrs, or replace the damaged parts. The exhaust valves are manufactured from a material that is capable of operating at a higher temperature than the intake valves. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Apply a non-petroleum based lu- bricant such as soap or vegetable oil to the o-rings on each end of the tube and to the bores in the water pump housing and the thermostat housing cover. Inspect the adjusting screw and the mounting nut threads for wear or distortion.

Cummins C Brakes provide the maximum retarding power at governed engine speeds; therefore, gear selection is important. Maximum gap at assembly is 1. Accessory Drive Bushing Bore I.

Cleaning Use a gasket scraper to remove the gasket material from the gasket sealing surfaces. Engine Assembly Water Pump – Installation Page Rotate the crankshaft degrees, cummins n14 service manual pdf download the po- cumins of the crankshaft either toward the front or the rear in relation to the block. SAE capscrews are graded according to the strength of the capscrew.

Push the coupling until it touches the clamping washer. Place the spacer plate and a servce spacer gasket on the oil cooler support. Make sure the gasket surfaces of the accessory drive and the air compressor are cummins n14 service manual pdf download and not damaged. When using a steam cleaner, wear protec- tive clothing and safety glasses or a face shield.

Observe the reading on the gauge or manometer. Drain the cooling system. Visually inspect the outside diameter for excessive cor- rosion or pitting. Install the puller in the injector sleeve with the legs of the bridge against the cylinder head.

If a sudden increase in blowby occurs, or if blowby ex- ceeds the maximum allowable limit during any run-in step, return to the previous step and continue the run-in. Point Crosshead Guide Bore I. Point Valve Guide Height Installed This is a one part Room Temperature Vulcanizing RTV silicone rubber, adhe- sive and sealant material having high heat and oil resistance, cummins n14 service manual pdf download low com- pression set.

The rocker levers contain replaceable bushings. Do not crank the starting motor sedvice more than 30 seconds. The seal 1n4 be replaced if it is removed from the cover. Cylinder Head – Rebuild Cylinder Head Page Visually inspect the cylinder head casting for cracks or damage.

Shafts that are damaged or worn smaller than the minimum given must be replaced. Piston Pin Bore When removing the oil manifold connector from the rocker lever housing, use a wide flat pry bar. Page Flywheel Housing – Redowel to Cylinder Block Mounting Adaptations Cummims After reaming esrvice hole, turn the plate and align it with the second dowel hole.

The gauge will not measure the correct pressure if the gauge is not held at the same level as the connection.

n14 service manual | PDF Manual

Remove the exhaust man- ifold. Servicd, and solvent to clean all the oil drillings. Exhaust System – General Information The exhaust manifold utilizes a wear coating on the sealing surfaces of the manifold sections for improved sealing characteristics and greater reliability.

Accessory Drive Seal Bore I.

Vehicle Braking – Rebuild Specifications Note: Use compressed air regulated to kPa [30 psi] to remove excess powder from the area. The lower main bearing shells do not. Loosely install the lubricating oil transfer tube assembly with the lubricating oil pump mounting flange, new seal- ing ring, new gasket, and the mounting capscrews to the oil pan and lubricating oil pump.

Remove the valve stem seal. Cooling System Water Pump Assembly – Rebuild Page Inspection Visually inspect servicee water pump body for cracks, porosity, or excessive corrosion. Plug the supply line to cummins n14 service manual pdf download dirt contamination. Visually inspect the pulley grooves and the oil seal wear sleeve for wear or damage.

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