If your computer boots to a black screen when using Windows 7 you can always try to recover a working system by using your Operating system disc! Thanks for the reply! I am unable to start in safe mode. I can actually adjust screen brightness with it. Same goes for the arrow keys and the enter key. Then I stumbled across your discussion of this problem. I am a computer GEEK and love everything about computers.

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I was in such a panic when I saw the black screen with the flashing cursor on my desktop. What is pvilion boot order? I hp pavilion dv6748us xp freaking out! Right after you hit esc the computer will go to a black screen with has computer data.

I thought I would have to try several things before I could try to resolve this issue.

I yanked it out, turned to computer back on, and all is well! With a wireless keyboard and mouse maybe unrelated I could not do any prompts. It started when hp pavilion dv6748us xp computer was started up after shutting down for updates. Did you try changing the settings to just boot to the hard drive and nothing else? Once the bios screen is passed it goes hp pavilion dv6748us xp and the cursor blinks.

Wanted to use it for my son when he needed it dv6748uus school. I have replaced the monitor and everything is OK.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

Make sure all components are plugged in! After all this I said what the heck… I took the entire laptop apart and removed the Cmos hp pavilion dv6748us xp, processor, motherboard and all the other drives I had previously removed and just let it sit there.

Also, after resetting the CMOS the keyboard is responsive and I can use the arrow keys to select options after a checksum error appears only to continue to the blinking cursor screen. Hp pavilion dv6748us xp was doing my usual thing on the internet and suddenly, my anti-virus says I have a virus and I need to get rid of it.

The page is black and dv6748ua comes up before Windows. Have you hp pavilion dv6748us xp that your Windows os disc works. Please help because I have no idea on what I should do. Are you talking about your macbook or a Windows computer? Hello — Ph reason my computer does not load windows is because my hp officejet is plugged into a usb port, and the computer is trying to boot off the printer like you suggest gp.

I have a black screen with blinking cursor at the left top. Also you can take the hard drive hp pavilion dv6748us xp and place it in as external hard drive case and connect hp pavilion dv6748us xp to another computer to get the files off. So, I erased my windows partition and installed mac on it! I have also even tried the recovery pavillon, but that only gets 77 percent done from the two discs and stops. I dont have a disk is there a way to still view my old pictures or is all lost.

I have 4 harddrives and a Graphics card all needing power. Also when you put the recovery disc in what did you do? Got into BIOS, changed the priority. Thanks and ;avilion Holidays. But as far as this problem is conserned, My laptop, starts, goes to boot and then stop. What about trying a boot disc or your operating disc to do a repair?

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

My keyboard is working, I think. Can you please help? Unplug your keyboard and try and start it. Hello, please answer me! If I type anyway and push enter it says I have tried 7 nor more times, then says system has halted and must be shut down.

You are a genius! What you need to do is a system restore or a windows repair. While I was using my laptop it said I should shut it down for its safety or something and I when I started it up again it had a blue screen that flashed by then went into the whole safe mode or normally screen. I can get the black start up page and bios but nothing else, always back to the black screen and cursor. What about your cd hp pavilion dv6748us xp dvd player.

This should wake up hp pavilion dv6748us xp computer. This will test to see if it will go into the hard drive. Connect one harddrive back up, switch on, wait for windows switch off.

Im hp pavilion dv6748us xp a toshiba laptop less than a year old and i really need what i have saved on it for school. My boyfriend and I had a fiasco with a new harddrive and he read off this post.

Saved me a weekend of taking the hood off and poking around for nothing!

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